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Privacy Policy

Last updated on 13 July, 2020

Discord requires bot developers to include an accessible Privacy Policy, and at the minimum answer the following questions:

1. What data do you collect, including but not limited to personal identifying information?

The only personally identifiable information stored about you is your Discord ID: a unique multi-digit number that can always be used to identify you, sort of like a social security number. The only time information about your account is stored is when you are either warned by a moderator, banned from accessing #support, or muted (which gets deleted after the mute expires).

Some users might have manual-mute, automute, and manual-sb stored under their Discord ID: this is a now-obsolete method that was used to indicate whether the user was manually muted by a moderator, whether the user was found to be "spamming" and automatically muted by the bot, and if the user was support banned by a moderator. These have been replaced by the methods described in question 3.

2. Why do you need the data?

The data is needed to enforce moderation actions, such as muting, warning, and support banning users by using minimal data to ensure everything runs smoothly and no users can circumvent the measures used.

3. How do you use the data?

In short, for warnings, mutes, and support bans, your ID (your unique Discord identifier) is stored to reference it when needed. For a more detailed explanation:

  • Warnings: All warnings a user might have is stored in a single JSON file, with each unique warning having its own object, containing the case ID and warning reason. These are stored indefinitely until all warnings for a user have been removed by an administrator.

  • Mutes: Information about a mute is in its own JSON file named with the ID of the muted user, comprising of the time the user was muted, the time the mute expires, who the user was muted by, the raw duration provided, and the optional reason for the mute. After the mute expires, this file is automatically deleted.

  • Support bans: For any user who is support banned, their ID gets set as the name of a file. After their support ban is lifted, the file is deleted. For mutes and support bans, the files are automatically referenced by the bot to see if either applies to the user upon joining the guild: if the user's ID is found to be in a folder indicating they're muted, the Muted role is automatically applied; and if the user was found to be banned from support, the Support Ban role is automatically applied.

4. Other than Discord the company and users of your own bot on Discord the platform, who do you share your collected data with, if anyone?

Your data is not shared with any users outside of the moderation team.

5. How can users contact you if they have concerns about your bot?

Any user may contact the bot's developer, Goldenclaw112#0001, at any time. A response within 24 hours is guaranteed.

6. If you store data, how can users have that data removed?

Due to the imperative nature of the data stored, users may directly contact the bot developer to request their data to be removed under the condition the user ceases to use any services WomBot provides, including the use of the World of Wombat Discord guild (a permanent ban would be necessary).