Moderator commands

These commands are accessible to anyone with the Moderator role:

Command Example Usage
allwarnings -- View all members with warnings
kick [@user/ID] !kick 156179967200329729 Go away. Kick a user with an optional reason
mute [@user/ID] [duration] !mute 156179967200329729 24h Please, be quiet. Mute a user with an optional reason
purge [amount] !purge 10 Purge the provided amount of messages
supportban [@user/ID] !supportban 156179967200329729 Add the support ban role to a user
warn [@user/ID] [reason] !warn 156179967200329729 Because I can. Warn a user with the provided reason
warnings [@user/ID] !warnings 156179967200329729 Check the warnings of another user